7 Ways to Make your Workday Happier

  1. Find Meaning in what you do.
    Most jobs have a meaningful and helpful side to them. A story of three stone workers was told and one stated he was making a living, one said he was doing the best job he could and the third said he was building a Cathedral. There is a high purpose in all jobs so find yours.
  2. Personalize your workspace or environment.
    Most jobs have a desk where pictures and plants are allowed, but if you don’t have a desk maybe you have a locker you can personalize. Remember to not only have the picture of the family but a fun item that reminds you to do a good job, ex: a wizard hat to remind you to work wonders.
  3. If you are seated most of the day, take a walk.
    If you are at a desk, getting up at least one time an hour can have huge health benefits and if you get too absorbed in what you do, you should drink water constantly. This makes you have to go to the bathroom more. The bathroom is a great way to force you to take a break.
  4. Get to know your coworkers.
    By investing in other people, your work environment will not only be for work, but you will find a work family and home and not feel like a cog in the machine. Seeing real people at the job you do makes your job significantly more fulfilling.
  5. Make the most of your commute.
    75 percent of commuters travel alone for an average of 50 minutes a day. This can be a great time to call family or old friends you haven’t caught up with in awhile. By hearing about others and visiting, you will forget the work and commute stress. Audiobooks can be a great use of time making you smarter and more educated or just giving you a good laugh.
  6. Challenge yourself.
    You may not have the most important job, but if you feel bored or unappreciated, try setting goals for yourself and it will boost your performance. Measuring your own success is the most fulfilling thing.
  7. See the Light.
    If you work in a dark office or warehouse, bring a full spectrum bulb in and put it in a inexpensive desk lamp. Turning it on for just 1 hour a day can significantly boost your mood and production. Taking a walk at lunch or eating outside, even if it is cold can also get much needed mood boosting rays.