Sport’s rehabilitation for kids

13 Dec 2018 Complementary

When a young athlete gets injured, it can set the stage for pain and growth abnormalities for their lifetime. We want you to look out for these injuries as they can occur during your family holiday football or basketball game.

Sprained ankles; just one can set you up for getting more and more sprains which eventually create weak ankles as an adult.
Getting your ankle adjusted and the muscles and ligaments worked on with hands or a tool will help speed recovery and prevent future injury
Pitching shoulder; can happen due to over-training but can also lead to shoulder pain, lack of range of motion, arthritis and even frozen shoulder as an adult. In severe cases, they may not be able to raise their arms above their head.
Massaging an injured arm by making sure that the arm is moving in its full range of motion and adjusting the spine and shoulder to make sure they are free from joint restriction
Spine mis-alignment and pain in the low back can be from falling off the monkey bars or from growing pains. Severe cases such as scoliosis need regular maintenance to help prevent progression causing heart and lung issues. Both are helped by making sure the spine is properly aligned
Children are less likely to have severe growing pains when joint and muscle alignment is more relaxed.

How to keep a healthy balance.

23 Sep 2018 Complementary

How to keep a healthy balance

1. Surround yourself with people who help you grow

This is important because love gives us energy and energy is life. When we have people in our life that either take our energy or don’t love us and cause pain and hurt, it takes our energy away from being who we are.

2. Eating Healthy

When we put healthy food in our body, we can have a clear mind and body to function at our best. Some of the common foods to reduce in our diet are sugar, caffeine, wheat and dairy. You can always try eliminating food and see if your body reacts.

3. Spend time doing something you love

It is good to have things in your life that bring you joy and it’s usually better to choose things that are only yours. Spending time with your partner and kids is fine but it needs to be something you can turn to even if you are all alone. Gardening, crafts, cooking, sports, photography are all things you can choose that can be a solo activity enjoyed on your own.

Why Birth Photography?

20 Jun 2018 Complementary

Why Birth Photography?

As a birth doula for the past 4 years, I’ve seen many partners become parents with the birth of their child. There are such loving yet intense moments between couples when laboring. I started to capture some of these moments when a client would ask to get some pictures during the process and I was always taken back by the beauty in those raw moments.

In sharing these photos with my clients, they were able to process their birth a little easier by filling in the spaces where their memory wasn’t serving them properly. Of course, during labor, a mama can be in a totally different realm while working to bring her baby into the world. These images of moments I witnessed helped the mama in understanding her birth journey and even in understanding her power as a woman birthing her baby. As one of my recent clients explained in a testimonial of my services, Parts of the delivery were so fast and sort of a blur in our memories, so the photos are a gift we will always treasure.”

Since adding birth photography to my birth doula work, I capture what I see as it unfolds in front of me. I feel so amazingly privileged to be witness to such precious and raw moments. To be trusted by a mama to guide her through this event and to watch as a couple become parents is an indescribable honor. To be able to capture a woman’s partner holding her bravely, caressing her loving smile between contractions, rubbing out stiffened shoulders with soft yet strong hands, holding the scissors with a shaky hand to cut the umbilical cord. These are moments the couple is living as the process unfolds and to have the ability to share my perspective with them after all the hard work is done is so fulfilling and magical.

Why birth photography? The birth of a baby is one of the most amazing experiences of our lives, some would say more so than getting married. To allow our body to grow a human being and then work to bring that human into the world, in whatever means necessary, is something you will remember for a lifetime, but will fade in detail. Capture the moments with birth photography to give yourself, your partner, and especially your baby the gift of remembering the details of his or her entrance into the world. The joyous smiles, grimaces, yawns, sweat and tears, and everything in between are worth capturing. As most of the dads explain after hiring me to take photos for them, “I couldn’t imagine having to try and take photos while I was supporting my wife through labor.” Would you have tried to take photos of your own wedding day? If not, consider hiring a birth photographer to capture these precious moments in your life so you can be less stressed and more focused on the work ahead.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit and contact me about your birth photography wishes. We will discuss, in detail, the arrangements before so you can be worry free when it comes to the arrival of your little one!

Caren Hespeler

How to stay on the Diet you Choose at the Holidays

14 Dec 2017 Complementary
  1. Present your diet as a get “Healthy Plan” instead of a weight loss plan.
    People are pretty excited about someone pursuing health but the we often get jealous of someone potentially losing more weight than themselves (there is an oddly sabotaging attitude about this issue).    Also as a doctor I would much rather people think about making dietary changes for healthful reasons than weight being the motivation.
  2. Be up Front
    Tell people what you are eating and what you have to avoid so they won’t think you are insulting their famous cookies or family pot roast recipe.  People are more likely to feel important and validated if they know up front you won’t be eating so they don’t focus on you not eating their food.
  3. Come prepared
    Bring your own foods especially if your diet change is due to finding some new food allergies.  If you suddenly can’t eat dairy then some holiday favorites may not be available to you. Coming prepared with your own food/drink will help you enjoy your holidays all the more.
  4. Remember that your family loves you and just wants to share.
    Especially grandparents like to cook for people they love and this may be upsetting to them if you refuse their food, but it isn’t about  them.  Your diet is important to you and they should respect that; they may give you a hard time only because they feel hurt you aren’t trying their food.  Remember that you love your family always.

7 Tips for Allergy Relief

6 Jun 2017 Complementary

Allergy Hygiene

Remove hat, outer shirt and shoes in your garage after a walk outdoors during pollen season. Pollen will cling to your clothes and keep exposing you long after you have come indoors. Wash your face as well which will help pollen stay away from your mucus membranes.

Keep Window’s Closed and run your Air Conditioner with HEPA Filters

Consult your local HVAC professional to determine the correct filter for you and your household. You may also want to get the air ducts cleaned as this can be a source of dust and mold.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 1 tbsp in the morning during the allergy season. The theory is that it helps the mucous flow and cleanses the lymphatics so there is no build up.


They help balance the immune response since current research is stating that most allergies are due to an imbalance in the body. There are also studies that link large amounts of beneficial bacteria to fewer allergy incidents.

Quercetin Supplement

It is nature’s anti-histamine. It stabilizes the mast cells so they don’t release any more histamine, which is the cause of all those miserable symptoms.

Diet Changes

Going on a GAPS based diet or an anti-inflammatory diet can be enough to reduce the allergy threshold and decrease allergy symptoms. It is especially important to remove any foods you know you are allergic to.

Netti Pot or Nasal Rinse System

Put 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt in 1 quart of boiled water then rinse (you can also buy pre-made solutions). Do 2 times daily for best results (morning and evening). It cleans all the particles out of the nose that may have collected at night with an open window or during the day while out and about.

Spring Cleaning

30 Mar 2017 Complementary

You may not have time for a full-blown house cleaning, but we have a suggestion for 10 things you should throw out for a healthier cleaner home.

1. Make up – toss out all make up you haven’t used in 6 months.
2. Too Small Clothing – ones you haven’t fit in maybe ever. We sometimes buy clothes that don’t fit us well or aren’t that comfortable but our guilt makes us keep them. We say donate or toss.
3. Mis-Matched Tupperware – Throw it out or buy lids that fit. This takes up less cabinet space. In our office, we prefer glass containers for leftovers because there are less toxins present than in plastic.
4. Library of Magazines – Recycle this stack if you haven’t looked at them in over 6 months.
5. Art – Children’s artwork or old pictures. If you are emotionally attached to them, scan them or keep them in a digital file stored in your safe. But many pieces of paper you have around are not important and can be recycled.
6. Old shoes – There are shoes you may love but are broken or ones that don’t fit well; toss them.
7. Gifting – Get rid of your re-gifting shelf to provide a less cluttered environment in your home and life.
8. Old Electronics – Phones, MP3 or ones that you no longer use; recycle them.
9. Broken Jewelry – Send or sell and turn it into cash.
10. Bags – recycle old gift bags, grocery bags and get rid of plastic bags.

Top New Years Resolution for 2017

6 Feb 2017 Complementary

Top New years Resolutions for 2017 that people made and in-Health Clinics healthy hopeful list of Resolutions.

In Health General 2017
Move 20 minute a day Lose Weight
Have your desk ergonomics evaluated Self improvements
Drink More Water Quit Smoking
Detox your liver 1x a year Spend more time with friends
Eat 1 type of vegetable per meal Find a better job
Plan family time in your schedule Do more exciting things
Plan down time for yourself daily Better Financial Decisions

We hope that you will make changes that will benefit your health and that of your family. If you take care of yourself, then you can take better care of your family. If we at In Health Clinic can help you in any way to help with your health goals, never hesitate to call us in 2017.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

5 Dec 2016 Complementary

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, do you feel yourself getting glum?  The days are shorter, and we don’t see much sunlight after work hours as the sun sets earlier.  If you are among the 10-20% of people who suffer from some seasonal depression, there are things you can do to combat these shifts.

  • Get acupuncture
    Acupuncture is extremely effective at treating many forms of depression.  There are many points to help calm the spirit which is helpful in easing anxiety as well.  Depression is different for everyone so the treatment is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and manifestations.  Some common depression-related issues we treat are insomnia, overthinking, lack of energy and/or motivation, and changes in appetite.  You can feel better and acupuncture can help you get there.
  • Take herbs
    We have several herbal formulas that can help to get you over the hump of these seasonal changes.  Herbs can be extremely helpful for those who feel they just need an extra boost as well as for those suffering from more severe depression.  We offer herbal consultations for those interested in herbs but not acupuncture.
  • Take supplements
    Some supplements we recommend for depression are:

    • Vitamin D–When the weather shifts and we aren’t getting it from the sun, taking it orally can do just the trick.
    • Fish oil–This is helpful in boosting our brain chemistry and making sure nerve signals are transmitting as they should.
    • B-complex vitamins–B3, and B6 help boost serotonin and B12 helps to boost dopamine and norepinephrine.

      If you are feeling down, it is important to share it with people you care about and your health care providers so that you have the support you need to feel better.  We are here to help you feel your best!

      Iris Martin LAc.

Digestion and Gut Tips and Tricks

5 Dec 2016 Complementary

So the holidays are coming or your neighbors annual BBQ is around the corner, but all of these events just give you heartburn, gas, constipation or diarrhea.  This may be a sign that you have some food allergies, our gut needs to heal from something or it maybe as simple as needing some digestive assistance.  Look at our quick and easy digestive help aids. Remember if these aren’t the answer, talking to one of our doctors may be a better long-term solution.

  • Heartburn – Marshmallow tea or Slippery Elm powder (powder’s are nice since they heal mouth to stomach)
  •  Slow Digestion – Digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase, proteases)- help break down items like steak or holiday goodies
  •  Tummy ache – papaya enzymes or activated charcoal
  •  Diarrhea – Probiotics 50 Billion, Glutamine Powder
  •  Constipation – Probiotics 25 Billion, Yellow aloe


26 Sep 2016 Complementary

Cupping has gotten a lot of press lately, especially after the Olympics.  Many athletes were pictured with large, unsightly round bruises on various parts of their bodies and the benefits of cupping were widely discussed.  So here are the basics.

What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice used to relieve many ailments.  Today it is most commonly used for muscle aches and pains, though it can also be used for chest colds, skin conditions, arthritis and more. Cups are placed in specific areas on the body and suctioned tightly to the skin.

What does cupping do?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine most cases of pain are diagnosed as qi and blood stagnation.  The reason for the stagnation depends on the patient but common causes are repetitive use of muscles, scar tissue, and inflammation/injury. A healthy body is one in which the qi and blood moves freely and without obstruction.  When muscles knot or enflame or when scar tissue blocks one or more channels, the qi and blood cannot move as it should and this causes pain.  By cupping the afflicted area, the stagnation of blood and qi rises to the surface of the skin and out of the damaged tissues helping to release tension and promote blood flow.

Does it hurt?

You might feel a tightness or a pulling sensation during the treatment and the circles that result may be a little tender for a day or two.  Generally, people feel much better following a treatment.

How long do the circles last?

It depends on the patient.  It is like a bruise.  So, expect it to take as long as a bruise would take to heal.

Is it safe?  Are there side effects?

Cupping is very safe. It is important to have the treatment performed by a licensed practitioner so that proper application is used. Side effects include mild discomfort and bruising.  Blistering can occur if the cups are too tight or are left for too long. This is uncommon though.

Thank you to all the athletes who wore the (temporary) brand of our medicine!

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