Massage During Pregnancy and Beyond

Adding to the Peace of the World
Did you know that anthropological studies show that the majority of the world’s most peaceful cultures, use touch prominently during pregnancy and early childhood?

Bodywork, including therapeutic massage, can have a tremendously soothing effect – physically, mentally and emotionally. In pregnancy, this is true for mothers and their babies.

Alleviating Concerns
Each trimester brings its own set of thrills and challenges.  While some women are concerned about the contraindications of massage during pregnancy, barring any health concerns expressed by their doctor, or midwife, massage can be very beneficial during each stage of the process.  Certified therapists are aware of the appropriate precautions to take, and can be valuable partners to aid in providing comfort and support.

Indications That You May Need a Massage

1. Are you dealing with increased stress?
2. Do you having trouble sleeping?
3. Are you having some fluid retention?
4. Are you experiencing pain in your lower back and hips?
5. Do you have increased pain in your shoulders and neck?

Some Benefits of Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Massage

• Counters the negative effects of stress
• Provides increased oxytocin production and feelings of well-being
• Increases immunological functioning
• Can reduce maternal blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates
• Can reduce labor time and discomfort
• Increases uterine blood supply to enhance fetal health
• Feels good!
If you are experiencing any of the above-noted indications, and are looking for some of the benefits, give us a call!  We hope to see you soon!