We believe in individualized care powered through the integration of In Health’s well-educated and trained practitioners.
This gives you the power of more knowledge behind you and your health.


During your first visit we will complete a thorough health history to determine the correct and most efficient way of restoring you to better health. This might include a series of exams or laboratory testing. After a complete evaluation, we will treat your health with any of the following tools: physical medicine, herbal or nutritional supplementation and chiropractic care as well as education on how you can better assist your health at home and on the go.

Before Your First Visit

To help us start the process of health care we would be honored if you would fill out the following paperwork to help us get to know how your body works.



M   9am-7pm
T    8am-7pm
W   9am-7pm
Th  9am-6pm
Fr   9am-4pm

Office Holidays:

Our office will be closed for the week between Christmas and New Years. The office may also be closed for other personal holidays, vacations or seminars. Our staff will do their best to get back to you during these times within 48 hours. However, if it’s an emergency please call 911 or go to the emergency room for assistance.


It is our policy to return calls within 24 hours and emails within 48 hours. Calls and emails will be returned according to priority and severity of conditions. We ask for your patience. Your care is our utmost concern. If you need to speak to a Doctor in more depth, please schedule a phone consult or leave a brief message with the staff so that we can assist you.


Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept a personal check, cash, MasterCard, and Visa. If payment is not received within a month of service, a $25 service fee will be added for each late month. If a check is returned, you will be charged a $25 service fee.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. A $50 service charge will be assessed for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24- hour notification.


To make sure you have continuity of care please call ahead and have In Health set your supplements aside. Plan ahead. Try to call one or two weeks before you run out. Most of the time we will have your supplement in stock and can make sure that you get it immediately. However, on occasion we may have to order a supplement, which will take a few days, and can be problematic for certain supplements.


Our office is a fee-for-service practice, meaning you pay at the time you get care. However, many of our patients are still able to use their insurance to cover all or part of their services. Prior to your first appointment it’s always a good idea to call your insurer to verify your coverage. Some may require pre-notification or pre-approval. At the end of your appointment we will provide you with an invoice that has two types of codes on it, an ICD-9 Code and a CPT code. The ICD-9 is your diagnosis from the Doctor and the CPT is the procedure or treatment received. You can then take these invoices, which the insurance companies call super bills, and mail them to your insurance provider with one of your insurance forms. The address is typically on the back of your insurance card or you can call their customer service number for more detailed instruction. Most patients get 50 to 80 percent of their visit covered which means they are paying very little out-of-pocket for exceptional care. Unfortunately Kaiser does not offer coverage. However, we can work with your budget if you let us know.

Please note that our office policies and fees are subject to change without notice and we will post changes as soon as possible. We thank you for your business as we continue to serve you.