Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home

You may not have time for a full-blown house cleaning, but we have a suggestion for 10 things you should throw out for a healthier cleaner home.

1. Makeup – toss out all makeup you haven’t used in 6 months.
2. Too Small Clothing – ones you haven’t fit in maybe ever. We sometimes buy clothes that don’t fit us well or aren’t that comfortable but our guilt makes us keep them. We say donate or toss.
3. Mismatched Tupperware – Throw it out or buy lids that fit. This takes up less cabinet space. In our office, we prefer glass containers for leftovers because there are less toxins present than in plastic.
4. Library of Magazines – Recycle this stack if you haven’t looked at them in over 6 months.
5. Art – Children’s artwork or old pictures. If you are emotionally attached to them, scan them or keep them in a digital file stored in your safe. But many pieces of paper you have around are not important and can be recycled.
6. Old shoes – There are shoes you may love but are broken or ones that don’t fit well; toss them.
7. Gifting – Get rid of your regifting shelf to provide a less cluttered environment in your home and life.
8. Old Electronics – Phones, MP3, IPODS, IPADS, or ones that you no longer use; recycle them.
9. Broken Jewelry – Send or sell and turn it into cash.
10. Bags – recycle old gift bags, grocery bags and get rid of plastic bags.