Doing a once a yearly cleanse isn’t just about losing weight,  it is also about cleaning out the filters that help our bodies, process hormones, nutrients and all the components that make us feel well and vital.  A cleanse can be a nice way to clean and revitalize the body so it is ready for action and maintains peak efficiency just like a well taken care of care.  Our cleanse special is a nice basic way to cleanse gently and add more nutrients back into the body to help us feel well.

Nanogreens: High amounts of vitamins and minerals to replenish deficiencies that life brings and build back your nutrients while cleansing.
Milk Thistle:  Liver cleansing, reduces blood pressure and is a wonderful antioxidant and moderate anti-inflammatory.
Hepacaps: Liver and gallbladder support and cleansing, a great way to clean out the internal filter.

Special Price $80 (Regular value: 100.00)