• We are Out of Network with all insurance companies.
  • For your insurance to pay us for your visit the following needs to be met:
    • You have Chiropractic Coverage
    • You have Out of network coverage benefits
    • Your deductible is met
  • Attention Anthem Blue Cross members: once your deductible has been met, check payments for submitted claims are sent to you directly instead of to our office. This is because In Health Clinic is out of network with Anthem Blue Cross. We will verify your insurance before we bill. If you have not met your deductible, we ask you to prepay our cash price for your visits. Once you start receiving check payments from Anthem, you are agreeing to hold on to the check payment, mail it to us or bring it to us on your next visit.
  • Even within the same insurance company, plans vary in deductible amounts, co-pay/co-insurance, visit limits, covered procedure codes, exclusions, etc.
  • We will do our best to verify your insurance to make sure you have Chiropractic benefits prior to receiving treatment. With most insurance companies, we can verify benefits within one business day. There are instances when we will not be able to verify coverage prior to your treatment (i.e. last minute, emergency or weekend). We appreciate your understanding.
  • Even though your insurance carrier confirmed chiropractic benefits, our office and your insurance cannot guarantee claims submitted will be paid.
  • Following your treatment, we will bill your insurance at our insurance billing rates. Payments received from claims submitted can range from 2 -12 weeks or later. Examples when In Health Clinic may not receive payments from your insurance:

If your individual/family deductible has not been met for the year.
If you have more than one insurance, there may be complications with payments and a delay in processing for up to 1 year is possible.
If you change your insurance plan from PPO to EPO or PPO to HMO in the beginning of the year and if you no longer have chiropractic benefits
If you are late in paying your insurance premium.
Some insurance companies only pay for a very specific condition or situation.

  • Insurance claims submitted for services rendered are larger than our discounted cash rate. The average insurance rate varies between $400 -$520 for a first office visit, and $300 – $395 for any follow up visits. Claims submitted fluctuate in price depending on the time spent and modalities used. What we bill is not what the insurance will pay us. Depending on your benefits, there are instances, we do not get payment at all or very low payment.
  • It takes time and resources for our office to work with insurance companies. We understand it can take your time also.  We would like to work with you and your insurance company to maximize your benefits. However, when we do not receive payment through your insurance, please understand we will bill you our discounted cash rate once insurance notifies us in writing that no payment will be given:

$175.00 for first office visit and $100.00 for follow up office visits (adult rates)

  • You always have access to your claim information by contacting your insurance company directly. Your insurance company will usually send an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) letter to you directly letting you know the details of the claims: how much will go to your deductible, billing procedures and rates, treatment dates and what they will reimburse to In Health Clinic.
  • Please expect a letter/email/call from us if we do not receive payment from your insurance carrier to cover our cost. We appreciate your prompt payment and response. You can call us to pay via phone with a credit card or via mail with personal check.
  • Forms of payment accepted:
    Credit cards and Flex Spending Accounts FSA or Healthcare Spending Accounts HSA cards
    Apple Pay

You are always welcome to ask us questions by contacting us directly. Thank you for your time and understanding.