Fluids for Immunity


Remedies for Lingering Cold’s and sore throats.


Still fighting the cold that is out there, use food to fight congestion and infection.  Traditional broth remedies have been used for years and help nourish and heal the body here are two favorites in our office.


Chili broth

This is a simple broth that combines nourishing broth, immune stimulating garlic, chili decongestant and thyme a known anti-bacterial/viral.


2 cups   Chicken or vegetable broth (organic is best)

3 cloves   Fresh garlic, crushed or minced

1/4– ½ tsp Red chili flakes

3                  Sprigs of fresh thyme (remove before eating)


Sore Throat Drink

Drink warm or cold the honey and lemon can soothe a sore throat, while the ginger and cayenne will boost immunity and kill infection.


2 cups   Water

2” piece   Fresh ginger, sliced into ¼” pieces

½ -1 tsp   Honey

3 Tbsp   Fresh lemon juice

¼ – ½ tsp   Cayene pepper ( as much as you can stand)


Can add other tinctures to this mix if you need any more of a boost, just contact our office.


How to take care of yourself during Pregnancy

**Eat Low Mercury Fish

  • Salmon
  • Tilapia
  • Polluck


** Don’t eat raw fish, alfalfa sprouts and unwashed vegetables as these can be area’s of bacterial storage and getting a bacterial infection can be very damaging to an baby growing inside of you.


**Drink safer water which means less chlorine and may require purchasing a filter such as Brita or a more expensive reverse osmosis machine.


**Choose Better body products:


Look at the EWG Cosmeticsdatabase.com


Avoid: triclosan, oxybenzone and essential oils as these can be teratogenic to a developing little one


**Wash all new cloths that are purchased as they often have a residue on them.


** Resist Caffeine and Alcohol.  Yes some cultures still have small amounts but babies have a longer half life in there body meaning that drugs like alcohol and caffeine stay longer in there system than ours, so be careful.


** Avoid Painting and other chemical intensive jobs around the house.



Remove the Dirty dozen foods or make sure they are organic.


1.    Apples

2.  Celery

3.  Bell Peppers

4.  Peaches

5.  Nectarines – Imported

6.  Strawberries

7.  Spinach

8.  Lettuce

9.  Lettuce

10.  Blueberries – imported and domestic

11.  Potatoes

12.  Raspberries – imported and domestic


(As a rule of thumb domestic produce is usually safer believe it or not, due to the more strict pesticide regulations.  If you are getting produce from a foreign country many regulations don’t exist and they can still use products like DDT.)


**Exercise Daily:  Squats and lunges are helpful in preparing muscles for labor.  Yoga is great for flexibility, which is helpful for reducing back pain and assisting with labor.   Keep up walking daily, hills are even better as this can help with blood sugar.


**Stop running around the 6th month this means around 24-25 weeks due to the laxity of joints women can be at risk for major damage in the joints.  Some women have even had to have hip replacements after delivery due to damage done during pregnancy.


** Start a Birth Plan and sign up for a birthing class.  These can help with stress management as you’re due date get’s closer preparing you for what is to come.  Here are some favorite books and classes.  (Avoid to much internet as it can overwhelm moms to be)


  • Birthing from Within By Pam Engand
  • What to expect when your Expecting by Heidi Murkoff
  • Harmony Birth Classes, Campbell  CA http://www.harmonybirth.com/
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Mayo Clinic
  • Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp