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Sophie N.
Kimia has helped my neck and shoulder pain SO much and I can’t thank her enough! I was in pain every single day as I have a “desk job” and am always on the computer. She taught me about proper posture, movement, functionality, and workouts tailored to my body and neck pain.
She is not your stereotypical chiropractor. She won’t make you come 100 times before you feel better. She’ll get you better faster with less visits! I love that about her. She also does some muscle work too which is a huge bonus!!
Kimia educated, professional, and timely. You really NEED to check her out if you haven’t yet. She’s helped me in ways I could never repay her for!
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Dan B.
Dr. Shakerpoor was great about explaining what she was about to do before she did it. I have been to practitioners who make adjustments that are quick and impersonal, and gave little to no warning before adjusting my back. I was comfortable knowing what to expect and felt like I was in good hands. It has been well worth driving out of my way to have Dr. Shakerpoor adjust my back.
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John J.
I met Dr. Kimia through a referral of a friend. It was easy to schedule an appointment and I was looking forward to having a doctor treat my peripheral neuropathy.
The office was easy to find with plenty of parking. It was updated inside and very comfortable. I filled out the customary new patient form which had all the usual questions you would expect. I am a soccer referee and am mostly concerned about my feet and IT band. After doing the normal blood pressure check etc… she did a thorough exam testing the feet for feeling to set a baseline. We then went into the next room which was open and had all kinds of machines and I sat at the end of the table. After laying down she examine my IT band tightness and brought out a hand held device that helped loosen it. Not only did it feel very different than the foam roller I was used to she figured out how tight my lower back was  (from driving too much) and my calves. She treated the calves which would hopefully help to increase circulation to my feet.
I set up another appointment for two weeks out. Besides having another advocate for my health I was really impressed with how well Dr Kimia listened to my issues without making me feel like just another patient. Hopefully, we can continue to make progress so I can be able to run and function at or near my best. I will refer Dr. Kimia and continue using her services.
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Lauren D.
Last week I returned from Southern California in lots and lots of pain, my ribs were causing stabbing pain when I tried to breathe deeply, or cough or bend over. I emailed Dr. Kimia to schedule an appointment. I was pretty sure I would see her as a patient even before the pain, since during our initial conversation she shared with me that what differentiates her from other chiropractors is she doesn’t ignore muscle and other soft tissue, she knows a hurting the body needs intervention in both. That has been my philosophy in my own endeavors healing others and I could really relate.
So. As a patient I was extremely impressed I found her to be professional, very well set up in her office, and knowledgeable. The initial intake Q&A was thorough and easy, these can sometimes be pretty mind-numbing. I appreciated her deep and open listening. When it came to treatment, I found her intuitive, confident and competent. She explained what she was going to do and what her thinking behind it was. Her solutions were more creative than I have ever found in a chiropractic office (and my experience is both as a patient and as support staff). The end result was that when she was finished treating me, I could breathe 30% deeper, and when I came home and followed her directions, I woke up this morning with at least 50% less pain and much easier breathing.
About a week later I injured my lower back and once again, she exceeded my expectations. Knowledgeable, creative, caring, persistent. I will be seeing her this afternoon for a third acute appointment, and so far, the rib pain is pretty well all gone, and the lower back pain is improved, now just narrowed to a single area.
Oh, one more thing, at one point during her diagnostic process around the ribs she mentioned that at the very latest if we didn’t see changes after my second appointment in one week, she would refer me to my MD to be checked for peritonitis. I love that she is flexible and open to any and all possibilities. Most chiropractors aren’t.
Her fees are incredibly reasonable. Her “bedside manner” is impeccable, and comforting. The only thing I can imagine that would make the experience better would be if she had a magic wand and let me take it home with me (just kidding, yelpies).
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Andre S.
Every so often (6 months to a 18 months) my back goes out. Usually I prevent this by stretching when I start to feel it go. But of course this time I didn’t listen to my body. I went to see Dr Shakerpoor and she actually suggested after checking it out, that it could be a rib that was out of place. One adjustment and the next day and I was pretty much as good as new with no pain. It was amazing, usually I would have back pain lasting several weeks and would be on 800 mg of Motrin and/or muscle relaxants. I would much prefer to meet up with Dr. Shakerpoor for a single treatment.
She was so good, that I have another appointment tomorrow for maintenance after a 2,700 mile, 5 day road trip!
Erwin R.Cupertino, CA.
I visited, In Health Clinic, based on a family members recommendation on Dr. Ly Ho and I must say I was very impressed with what he was able to help me out with! I have been experiencing some some sharp pain in my right shoulder area, on an off, the last 4-5 years.  I work out pretty hard and used to play sports competitively.  I know this is one of the main reasons for my shoulder having pains. Dr. Ho, performed an in depth evaluation on my should I was experiencing pains on, and compared it to my good shoulder and he immediately noticed my lack of range of motion. Dr Ho, started performing some stretches to get my shoulder warm and ready for what I did realize would be a very intense session of treatment!  He took out this hand held tool that push on the areas of my shoulder which had pain.  In combination with this tool which quickly pushed on my pain points, he also had me slowly move my arm.  I tell you it was intense and just slightly painful....however I knew it was going to work!  After my treatment with Dr Ho, my range of motion in my shoulder improved and my shoulder pain was non existent even after I did my normal gym routine. I would recommend visiting Dr. Ho to anyone experiencing any muscle and joint pains and he will make the pain go away and he is absolutely worth it!
Cheryl H.Senior Doctor
Best chiropractors in the area! My grandfather was a chiropractor and I have seen probably 20 chiropractors in the Bay Area before finding this clinic. They spend 30 minutes with each patient (as opposed to 10 min that many do - so it's not always easy to get in last minute as they fill up). But they are good and will get to the root of your problem whether its something out of place or just tight muscles that need loosening. I almost don't want to write a review so I can keep them to myself!
Jennifer E.Wellesley, MA
I've been seeing Dr. Ho since April, when my other chiropractor retired. Boy, am I happy he retired! Dr. Ho is actually fixing me, instead of "keeping me at bay" like my other chiropractor. He uses Graston Technique, which removes built-up scar tissue so that things stay in alignment. I've also seen Dr. Gomez, and she worked on my (super tight) IT band for ages, and it helped massively. My old chiropractor never did these things, so I never got appreciably better. I also have to rave about the acupuncture side of the house - Yoevita & Kaile. I've been seeing Yoevita for years, and that's how I found Dr. Ho. I also have seen Kaile, and both she and Yoevita are amazing at what they do.I love the "1-2 punch" of acupuncture and chiropractic together. I've seen amazing results.
Teiki K.My Co.
Dr. Ho saved my life! Okay, maybe an overstatement, but he at least saved my back and shoulder which subsequently turned my life around. For you athletes, Dr. Ho used to be the San Diego Chargers' in-house Chiropractor, so just like All State, you're in good hands here. I had been dealing with an extremely tight QL muscle which manifested itself in a really sore lower back, to the point where I couldn't workout the way I wanted to any more. Same thing with my rotator cuff, and my shoulder's range of motion was severely limited. I searched for solutions endlessly until my former chiropractor recommended I see Dr. Ho. After just ONE visit and some heavy Graston work to break off the scar tissue that was causing my problems, my lower back felt 50% better and I could lunge with almost no pain, something I couldn't have fathomed 20 minutes prior. In just a couple of months, Dr. Ho completely resolved my lower back and shoulder issues, allowing me to get back to a serious weight-training routine, something I had started to think was going to be impossible. Thanks Dr.!