Erwin R.

11 Jun 2016

I visited, In Health Clinic, based on a family members recommendation on Dr. Ly Ho and I must say I was very impressed with what he was able to help me out with!

I have been experiencing some some sharp pain in my right shoulder area, on an off, the last 4-5 years.  I work out pretty hard and used to play sports competitively.  I know this is one of the main reasons for my shoulder having pains.

Dr. Ho, performed an in depth evaluation on my should I was experiencing pains on, and compared it to my good shoulder and he immediately noticed my lack of range of motion.

Dr Ho, started performing some stretches to get my shoulder warm and ready for what I did realize would be a very intense session of treatment!  He took out this hand held tool that push on the areas of my shoulder which had pain.  In combination with this tool which quickly pushed on my pain points, he also had me slowly move my arm.  I tell you it was intense and just slightly painful….however I knew it was going to work!  After my treatment with Dr Ho, my range of motion in my shoulder improved and my shoulder pain was non existent even after I did my normal gym routine.

I would recommend visiting Dr. Ho to anyone experiencing any muscle and joint pains and he will make the pain go away and he is absolutely worth it!