Teiki K.

11 Jun 2016

Dr. Ho saved my life!

Okay, maybe an overstatement, but he at least saved my back and shoulder which subsequently turned my life around.

For you athletes, Dr. Ho used to be the San Diego Chargers’ in-house Chiropractor, so just like All State, you’re in good hands here.

I had been dealing with an extremely tight QL muscle which manifested itself in a really sore lower back, to the point where I couldn’t workout the way I wanted to any more. Same thing with my rotator cuff, and my shoulder’s range of motion was severely limited.

I searched for solutions endlessly until my former chiropractor recommended I see Dr. Ho. After just ONE visit and some heavy Graston work to break off the scar tissue that was causing my problems, my lower back felt 50% better and I could lunge with almost no pain, something I couldn’t have fathomed 20 minutes prior.

In just a couple of months, Dr. Ho completely resolved my lower back and shoulder issues, allowing me to get back to a serious weight-training routine, something I had started to think was going to be impossible.

Thanks Dr.!