Benefits of Probiotics

When taking care of our gut, (which is our bodies gatekeeper) we have to look at the bacteria that live there and their specific job and functions.

The gut has about 100 trillion bacteria in the body.
10 bacteria to every 1 human body cell (kind of important huh?)
So how do we make sure that you take care of your gut flora even if you are already taking probiotics?

Take probiotics: Fermented foods like Kombocha, kimchi and raw sauerkraut as well as in pill form are best. Yogurt is not always the best as many people have trouble-processing dairy.

Avoid Fatty foods: Research done on mice showed that fatty foods can damage the lining of the gut as well as increase the population of some un-friendly bacteria.

Eat probiotics: These are non digestible carbohydrates that are found in onions, garlic, leeks, artichokes, asparagus and chicory root as well as some whole grains.

Control your stress: Stress has been shown to change your gut flora make up which leads to inflammation and a higher population of negative bacteria.

Control Candida/Bacteria: If your gut is out of balance you can take herbs, prescribed by a natural practitioner that will kill yeast and negative bacteria without damaging your healthy flora.