Jade Windscreen tincture for your immunity boost!

Catch colds, allergic rhinitis or flu easily?

There is a famous Chinese formula called Jade Windscreen (Yu Ping Feng San) which can enhance the natural line of defense to ward off sickness. In this formula which consists of: Astragalus, White Atractylodes, Ledebouriella, we often ask patients to take the tincture who have recurrent colds. Although it is effective in treating this problem, it does take one month before any effect is demonstrated. When taking Jade Screen regularly, less severe colds occur.

In Chinese classical formula texts, Jade Windscreen can protect against invasion by exterior pathogens by strengthening your defense qi. It is commonly used to treat spontaneous sweating and increased susceptibility to invasion of exterior pathogens due to a deficiency. This formula uses a large dose of Radix Astragali (Huang Qi) to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism. There is also research which shows modified Jade Windscreen can be used for end-stage cancer patients who frequently suffer from idiopathic sweating and loss of appetite and the results are effective.

Overall, Jade Windscreen is a remarkable formula that can boost the immune system in various ways and it is recognized for its applications beyond prevention of colds and treatments on asthma and side effects of cancer treatments.