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John J.

19 Aug 2020

I met Dr. Kimia through a referral of a friend. It was easy to schedule an appointment and I was looking forward to having a doctor treat my peripheral neuropathy.
The office was easy to find with plenty of parking. It was updated inside and very comfortable. I filled out the customary new patient form which had all the usual questions you would expect. I am a soccer referee and am mostly concerned about my feet and IT band. After doing the normal blood pressure check etc… she did a thorough exam testing the feet for feeling to set a baseline. We then went into the next room which was open and had all kinds of machines and I sat at the end of the table. After laying down she examine my IT band tightness and brought out a hand held device that helped loosen it. Not only did it feel very different than the foam roller I was used to she figured out how tight my lower back was  (from driving too much) and my calves. She treated the calves which would hopefully help to increase circulation to my feet.
I set up another appointment for two weeks out. Besides having another advocate for my health I was really impressed with how well Dr Kimia listened to my issues without making me feel like just another patient. Hopefully, we can continue to make progress so I can be able to run and function at or near my best. I will refer Dr. Kimia and continue using her services.