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Lauren D.

19 Aug 2020

Last week I returned from Southern California in lots and lots of pain, my ribs were causing stabbing pain when I tried to breathe deeply, or cough or bend over. I emailed Dr. Kimia to schedule an appointment. I was pretty sure I would see her as a patient even before the pain, since during our initial conversation she shared with me that what differentiates her from other chiropractors is she doesn’t ignore muscle and other soft tissue, she knows a hurting the body needs intervention in both. That has been my philosophy in my own endeavors healing others and I could really relate.
So. As a patient I was extremely impressed I found her to be professional, very well set up in her office, and knowledgeable. The initial intake Q&A was thorough and easy, these can sometimes be pretty mind-numbing. I appreciated her deep and open listening. When it came to treatment, I found her intuitive, confident and competent. She explained what she was going to do and what her thinking behind it was. Her solutions were more creative than I have ever found in a chiropractic office (and my experience is both as a patient and as support staff). The end result was that when she was finished treating me, I could breathe 30% deeper, and when I came home and followed her directions, I woke up this morning with at least 50% less pain and much easier breathing.
About a week later I injured my lower back and once again, she exceeded my expectations. Knowledgeable, creative, caring, persistent. I will be seeing her this afternoon for a third acute appointment, and so far, the rib pain is pretty well all gone, and the lower back pain is improved, now just narrowed to a single area.
Oh, one more thing, at one point during her diagnostic process around the ribs she mentioned that at the very latest if we didn’t see changes after my second appointment in one week, she would refer me to my MD to be checked for peritonitis. I love that she is flexible and open to any and all possibilities. Most chiropractors aren’t.
Her fees are incredibly reasonable. Her “bedside manner” is impeccable, and comforting. The only thing I can imagine that would make the experience better would be if she had a magic wand and let me take it home with me (just kidding, yelpies).