10 Stress Busters

When the weather gets crisp and our thoughts turn to the holidays, our stress levels often rise while our good moods fall!  At in-Health Clinic, your health and well being are of the utmost importance to us. Stress can cause fatigue, a foul mood, a racing heart, and weakened immune system to name just a few.

To help you stay stress-free here are our top 10 holiday stress-reducing strategies to help you truly enjoy the season:

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.  Waking up just a little earlier can give you enough time for a good breakfast and will prevent the need for rushing. Over time, rushing around can cause increased stress.
  2. Say no to extra social invitations and parties you truly don’t have time for and aren’t high on your priority list.
  3. Turn needs into preferences.  You don’t always need to make every holiday perfect. Get done what you can and have the most fun possible.
  4. Organize. Doing things in advance will keep you from that last minute panic. Get guest rooms ready, plan meals, have plenty of wrapping paper and maybe an extra generic gift or two on hand. Be sure to make lists so you don’t forget anything.
  5. Embrace forgiveness.  We live in an imperfect world and while forgiving and letting go may not make us forget, it will allow us to enjoy life more.
  6. Book a massage.  You may think you don’t have time, but taking a mid week evening off when someone can watch your kids will allow you to have an hour just to relax.
  7. Do one thing at a time.  Try not to think about all of your items on your to-do list as you are completing one task. It slows efficiency, and causes you to make more errors which keeps you from embracing and fully enjoying the moment.
  8. Do things you enjoy.  After all, ‘tis the season. Don’t fill it with things that neither you nor your family enjoy.
  9. Take the boredom out of waiting in line.  Have a fun book or movie downloaded on your phone or listen to your favorite tunes.
  10.  Procrastination is stressful.  Don’t wait until the night before Christmas or any other event to do all the shopping and preparing, plan ahead.