Easy Dates to Make Your Date Day/Night Rate #1

Dates don’t have to be in the evening!  Make a day of it. Start the morning with a latte and then head out on one of our beautiful Bay Area back roads. Stop for a romantic lunch at a fine restaurant. It will cost less than dinner and be less crowded. On the drive home you can stop at another restaurant to watch the sunset and enjoy happy hour before you head home for some romancing.

Do you and your sweetie have special memories of a great date or other romantic moment? Have fun re enacting it!

Always dreamed of travelling abroad but have lacked the time or funds to do so?  Rent a movie filmed in a country you’ve always wanted to visit~ Italy for instance.  Grab a bottle of Chianti and make an authentic pasta dish while listening to beautiful Italian music.  After dinner, plan your dream trip with a pile of travel brochures and tour books. Then cuddle up for your romantic film.

Grab a sexy “how-to” book and start studying!  A less lusty and more romantic how-to guide is “The Art of Kissing:  Book of Questions & Answers by William Cane.

Start, instead of end, your date in the bedroom.  When you’ve already made the physical connection, the emotional connection is heightened and you’re in less of a hurry to get home.  P.S.  Your man is less likely to fall asleep if he hasn’t had dinner yet!

Looking for a way to get to know the new love in your life a bit better? Make each other a playlist of your favorite music. Make sure to include music from your high school and college years. Then grab a bottle of wine and turn up the tunes. You’ll learn so much about each other, as music is so often associated with life’s memories.

Play tourist in your own backyard. Visit the local tourist spots, like the Winchester Mystery House. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos!

Enjoy a little role-playing and fantasy. Get dressed separately, meet in a local restaurant bar and pretend you don’t know one another. Always wanted to have that slightly trashy one night encounter? Go for it without any guilt or second thoughts!

Channel the fun and frivolity of being a carefree child. Head to the zoo or playground and leave life’s cares behind for a few hours.

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