Get your family organized with these simple tips

Having a disorganized household causes stress in the house. Happy families begin with happy parents and is essential to your health and happiness and your kids as well. Here are some tips to get organized in your household and marriage.

Get an organizing system in place that works for you and your family on a daily basis.
Your kids are old enough in first grade and maybe even kindergarten to put their clothes on, so lay them out the night before or let them pick them out. This can be one less item for mom/dad to scramble with in the morning.
Be detailed; if they are wearing tennis shoes, make sure the outfit has socks.

Get their backpack all set up and lay it by the door. We have a hook where it goes in our house so everything is easy to pick up as we leave the house.
Make lunches the night before and as you use up lunch items, write them down on your grocery list. Use Pinterest to help you utilize healthy foods in your kids lunches as well. We moved to a bento box style lunch box to reduce the number of sandwiches and it helped us mix it up.

Get the school calendar out and input it into your home calendar.
This way you can have baby-sitting lined up for when you need it and also prepares you for field trips, teacher training days so you/your spouse can plan for time off work.

Get your kids into bed earlier than summertime.
This may sound mundane; but if they get adequate rest then you won’t have to drag them out of bed. If you can get your planning done for the next day and get the kids into bed at a reasonable time- then mom and dad will be healthier and even happier.

Plan a babysitter for Date night.
The school year is busy and kids have after school activities such as music lessons, swimming or soccer; but studies have shown happy families begin with happy mom’s and dad’s and reconnecting with your relationship is essential to your health and happiness and your kids as well.
Your date night doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Make it simple since you have to work tomorrow and take care of kids. Take the time to chat with each other often to keep connected.
Also consider doing what’s called “ home dates.” Check out this website that has some great ones.

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