No Tomato Sauce, Sauce By:

Recipe Servings:


Prep Time:

about 20 min


I love this recipe because it looks and tastes VERY much like a good Italian tomato sauce! I smiled a lot when I first tasted it!


Basil, Brewers yeast, Capsaicin/peppers, Citrus, Corn, Fermented, Fructose, Fruit/vegetable, Garlic, Grape, Lemon, Miscellaneous, Nightshade, Olive, Onion, Parsley, Spices, Sugar, Sulfites, Yeast

Ingredient List:



1/4 tsp

 dried basil or oregano

1 TBsp

 olive oil

1/4 tsp




1-3 tsp

 lemon juice , fresh

3 cloves

 garlic , minced

2 tsp

 parsley , chopped

4 oz jar

 red peppers , marinated, roasted, pureed

2-3 tsp

 dark brown sugar

1/4 cup

 red wine

1/2 cup

 red onion , minced


* saute onions (minced adds a more tomato-ish texture) and garlic in the olive oil until onions are tender

* add parsley, savory and basil (or any combination) salt and sugar (dark brown is best). Stir.

* add the pureed red peppers, lemon juice and red wine and simmer until the sauce thickens

* serve with pasta of your choice and enjoy!

* I really like capers, feta and roasted pumpkin seeds on top!

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