The other Grain’s


The buzz has been al about Quinoa and Rice, but there are a whole host of grains that we would like to recommend you try.  They vary in healthy ingredients with some having more fiber and other’s having more protein.  But all will give you a healthy boost and are less harsh than their wheat counterpart.  We are going to share just a few, to get a complete list stop by our office and pick on up in the waiting room.  All the grains can be cooked in a rice cooker for easy and efficiency.


Barley non hulled is a great breakfast or dinner dish and is helpful for modulating blood sugar levels.  Barley is below a 55 on the Glycemic index without much of a bitter taste to it.  It also does contain Fiber and is a great source.  Not only does is have fiber but it contains vitamin’s B1, B3, minerals selenium, iron, antioxidants and phytochemicals.  One negative is that Barley does contain Gluten at 5-8% so people with extreme intolerance to gluten should consult their doctor before eating it.


1 cup Barley pearled

3 cups of water

Cook time 50-60 min

Yield 3 ½ cups



Amaranth is an herb as well as a grain and is from South America it is been used by many people for their belief in its supernatural powers.  We like it for it’s super vitamins (A,B6, C), Minerals (Calcium, potassium and manganese), protein (30% higher than wheat), Fiber.  Also it is gluten free so a great option for gluten intolerant people.


1 cup Amaranth dry

2 ½ cups water

Cook Time 20-25 min

Yields 2 ½ cups


Millet is a less used grain but a great one that our ancestors used frequently it’s origin’s are from China and it is packed with nutrients.  It looks like a small version of quinoa and a little like birdseed.  It is great cause it not only has packed with vitamin’s ( B) and minerals (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus) it also; acts as a prebiotic for your micro flora nourishing and feeding them, provides serotonin to make you feel calm, hydrates the colon, is alkaline and contains no gluten.


1 cup Millet dry

2-4 cups water

Cook Time 20-25 min

Yield 3 ½ cups




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